Travelog World 1.12 Updates. 23rd of November 2015

These updates are for Travelog World v1.12 only. The updated programs will not work with previous versions (1.11 and earlier).

Below the download and installation instructions you will find a list of the files included in this update. For a description of the bugs fixed and features added or enhanced by these updates since the initial release, please read the change notes.

It is very important that you install the updated programs to all workstations after you have run the database update and before you begin working with the new programs on any workstation. If your office prefers to test the changed programs before releasing them to 'live' workstations, please contact the helpdesk for the recommended procedure.

Step 1 - Download and extract - You only need to download the current updates package once for your site, not once on each PC. Once downloaded and extracted, the updates are stored in your Travelog World shared data drive.

Since everyone's web browser is set up differently, you may see slightly different prompts than those given in the following instructions, or the file may be downloaded to a different place. For example, some installations of Mozilla Firefox may download files to your Desktop without asking you for a download location. You need to know how your web browser works and change the following steps to match it.

  1. The download should start automatically while you are reading this page. If the download has not started after half a minute, click Download Now.
  2. If you are asked whether you want to open the file from its current location or save it to disk, choose Save file to Disk and Click OK.
  3. In the Save As dialogue box, locate and select the My Documents folder, then click Save.
  4. The file will download. You should see its download progress.
  5. Once the file has finished downloading, open the downloaded file. Do this by
  6. The first part of the package will extract and then verify your Travelog registration. If you do not have a current valid registration a message will tell you and the program will stop.
  7. You will be asked "Copy updated Travelog World programs to server?". Click Yes to continue, or click No to cancel.
  8. You will see the extraction progress. Once the extraction is complete, that window will close by itself.
  9. You might be prompted to choose your country. This will affect which updates are installed. Choose your country, optionally tick the 'Remember this' box to not be prompted for your country in the future, then click Ok. You will then (briefly) see the copy progress. If you have any kind of error when extracting the updates, don't close the error message. Telephone the helpdesk and give them the information in the error message.
  10. Once the files have been extracted and copied to the server you may get the prompt "Travelog World needs to update your databases...". If you see that, click OK to continue, and update each of your companies' databases in turn, as follows:
    1. Make sure no one is signed in to the company or companies you're about to update, including yourself.
    2. Enter your TWAdmin password in the Password box
    3. Select the first company in the drop-down Company list box
    4. Click Update (at the bottom of the window) or hit ALT+u
    5. Select the next company in the drop-down list
    6. Repeat the above two steps until you have updated the last company in the drop-down list
    7. Click Close to close the Database Update program
    You can do no harm by updating a company's databases more than once. So if you're not sure whether or not you've updated a company, update it now.
  11. If the files were extracted successfully, you can now delete the file twupdates112.exe from your My Documents folder or wherever you downloaded it, to reclaim the disk space.

Step 2 - Install - You need to install the updates on each computer which has Travelog World installed. To install the updates, first make sure you're logged out of Travelog World on all computers, then run Update New Programs from Server (Start | Programs | Travelog World for Windows | Update New Programs from Server) on each computer that needs to be updated.

This package of updates (11 MB) includes updated versions of:

Back Office and Maintenance Programs
ProgramFile nameVersionReleased
BSP List/UpdateTWTKENT2.exe1.12.00192015/11/23
Debtor Transaction DrilldownTWDBENQ2.exe1.12.00102015/06/12
Emailing componentIMACSSimpleEmail.dll1.12.00102015/01/09
Receipt EntryTWREENT1.exe1.12.00262015/01/09
Registration ValidationTWRegistrationEx.dll1.12.00032015/01/09
Crystal Reports 10 WrapperCR10OCX.ocx1.12.00142014/09/02
Financial Integrity ReportTWINTGT1.exe1.12.00112013/07/13
Client AllocationTWCLALL1.exe1.12.00012013/07/13
Printer ConfigurationTWPrinter.exe1.12.00012013/07/13
Travelog (menu)TWORLD.exe1.12.00282014/07/07
Codes MaintenanceTWCDMNT1.exe1.12.00192014/07/07
Corporate Reports and EnquiryTWMGRPT1.exe1.12.00252014/07/07
Global moduleGlobalmain.dll1.12.00102014/07/01
Database UpdateTWDBUPD.exe1.12.00062014/07/01
Agency Heading MaintenanceTWAGMNT1.exe1.12.00012014/07/01
Codes BrowseTWCDENQ1.exe1.12.00022014/07/01
Cheque/Receipt Bank PresentationTWCHPRE1.exe1.12.00122014/07/01
Client Transaction DrilldownTWCLENQ2.exe1.12.00072014/07/01
Payments MaintenanceTWCLMNT2.exe1.12.00052014/07/01
Client Profile MaintenanceTWCLMNT3.exe1.12.00142014/07/01
Payments MaintenanceTWCLMNT9.exe1.12.00032014/07/01
Debtor AgingTWDBAGE1.exe1.12.00022014/07/01
Debtor BrowseTWDBENQ1.exe1.12.00042014/07/01
Debtor MaintenanceTWDBMNT1.exe1.12.00022014/07/01
Travel Services ReportingTWMGRPT2.exe1.12.00172014/07/01
Non-BSP EntryTWNBENT1.exe1.12.00142014/07/01
Non-BSP Supplier ReturnTWNBRPT1.exe1.12.00122014/07/01
Travelog (registry)TWORLD32.exe1.12.00032014/07/01
PRISM ReportingTWPRRPT1.exe1.12.00052014/07/01
Receipt List/UpdateTWREENT2.exe1.12.00252014/07/01
Sales Analysis EnquiryTWSAENQ1.exe1.12.00122014/07/01
BSP ReturnTWTKRPT1.exe1.12.00012014/07/01
Ini File Setuptwsetup.exe1.12.00012014/05/02
User System OptionsTWUSMNT1.exe1.12.00062014/03/14
Non-BSP List/UpdateTWNBENT2.exe1.12.00262014/02/11
Cheque List/UpdateTWCHENT2.exe1.12.00202014/02/11
Charge/credits List/UpdateTWCGENT2.exe1.12.00172014/02/11
Invoice List/UpdateTWIVENT2.exe1.12.00152014/02/11
Journal List/UpdateTWJNENT2.exe1.12.00132014/02/11
GST ReportingTWGSTRPT.exe1.12.00152013/09/20
Client ArchivingTWCLARC.exe1.12.00032013/09/16
G/L MaintenanceTWGLMNT1.exe1.12.00042013/07/26
Client Profile BrowseTWCLENQ3.exe1.12.00202013/07/26
Passport/Visa MaintenanceTWCLMNT7.exe1.12.00042013/07/26
Cheque EntryTWCHENT1.exe1.12.00132013/05/27
Client BrowseTWCLENQ1.exe1.12.00162013/05/27
Document EnquiryTWDOCEQ1.exe1.12.00022013/05/27
Site Configuration componenttwsiteconfig.dll1.12.00012013/04/17
BSP EntryTWTKENT1.exe1.12.00112013/04/17
Creditor Transaction DrilldownTWCRENQ2.exe1.12.00062013/04/17
G/L Transaction DrilldownTWGLENQ2.exe1.12.00052013/04/17
End of YearTWENDYR1.exe1.12.00012013/04/17
General Ledger MaintenanceTWGLMNT1.exe1.12.00032012/11/29
Voucher EntryTWVCENT1.exe1.12.00122012/11/29
Voucher List/TransferTWVCENT2.exe1.12.00112012/11/29
User MaintenanceTWUSMNT2.exe1.12.00022012/09/05
XML ExportTWExport.exe1.12.00102012/09/05
Charge/credits EntryTWCGENT1.exe1.12.00272012/02/23
Passenger and Passport/Visa MaintenanceTWCLMNT7.exe1.12.00012011/11/07
Supplier Reminder LettersTWVCLET1.exe1.12.00012011/04/28
Bank Deposit ReportTWBDRPT1.exe1.12.00032011/03/31
Remuneration ReportTWRENUM1.exe1.12.00022011/03/02
About box (Help, About)TWAboutBox.dll1.12.00012011/03/02

Travel Services Modules
ProgramFile nameVersionReleased
CRS Import/ExportReservation.dll1.12.01062015/11/09
Travel Services (main)TWCOSTN1.exe1.12.00972014/08/06
Amadeus AIR file importTWCAmadeus.DLL1.12.00682014/08/06
Air WindowTWCAir.dll1.12.00252014/08/06
Quick Booking CompletionTWCAutoBooking.dll1.12.00152014/07/01
Pay SupplierTWCPayment.dll1.12.00182014/07/01
Enhanced Land RatesTWCRates.dll1.12.00142014/07/01
About.. boxTWCAbout.dll1.12.00022014/07/01
Other InclusionsTWCOther.DLL1.12.00042014/07/01
Departure CardTWCDepartCard.dll1.12.00022014/03/14
Land WindowTWCLand.dll1.12.00212013/07/26
Departure TaxTWCDepartTax.dll1.12.00032013/07/26
Quick Service FeeTWCFee.dll1.12.00032013/07/26
Quick Transfertwctransfer.dll1.12.00012013/07/26
Quick QuoteTWCQuickQuote.dll1.12.00012013/04/16
Voucher WindowTWCVoucher.dll1.12.00072012/11/29
Air Preview WindowTWCAirPreview.dll1.12.00032012/09/05

Travel Services Client Documentation
DocumentFile name(s)File Modified DateReleased
Amadeus Itinerary (to Word)itinamaW2014/07/292014/08/06
Amadeus Itinerary (to RTF)itinamae2014/06/102014/08/06
Itineraryitinera, itinere, itineryn, itinerye, itinama2014/06/102014/07/01
Quote - TNRquote, quotn2014/06/102014/07/01
Quote - Arialquotna, quotne2014/06/102014/07/01
Confirmation -TNRconfop4e, confop4n2014/06/102014/07/01
Confirmation - Arialconfopa, confope2014/06/102014/07/01
Statement of Account - TNRquostope, quostopn2014/06/102014/07/01
Statement of Account - Arialquostoa, quostoe2014/06/102014/07/01
Itinerary (to Word)itinerynW, itineraW2013/10/252013/10/31
Quote -TNR (to Word)quotnW2013/07/222013/07/26
Confirmation - TNR (to Word)confop4nW2013/07/222013/07/26
St/Account - TNR (to Word)quostopnW2013/07/222013/07/26
Quote -Arial (to Word) quotnaW2012/04/102012/09/05
Confirmation -Arial (to Word)confopaW2012/04/102012/09/05
St/Account -Arial (to Word)quostoaW2012/04/102012/09/05
Corporate Reports and Enquiry
DocumentFile name(s)File Modified DateReleased
Corporate Account - Debtor Structure ReportMRATSTR2014/03/262014/07/01
Corp. report - Travel Report by Airlinemrtrair, mrtrairs2013/05/182013/05/27
Corp. report - Travel Report by Type of Salemrtrsal, mrtrsals2013/05/182013/05/27
Corporate Report Production (Travel Services Reporting)
DocumentFile name(s)File Modified DateReleased
Detailed Accommodation - Domestic and InternationalMsatacca2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Accommodation - DomesticMsataccd2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Accommodation - InternationalMsatacci2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Accommodation by Cost Centre - Domestic and Internationalmsataccca2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Accommodation by Cost Centre - Domesticmsatacccd2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Accommodation by Cost Centre - Internationalmsataccci2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Air Savings Analysis - Domestic and Internationalmsataira2014/06/102014/07/13
Detailed Air Savings Analysis - Domesticmsataird2014/06/102014/07/13
Detailed Air Savings Analysis - Internationalmsatairi2014/06/102014/07/13
Detailed Air Savings Analysis by Cost Centre - Domestic and Internationalmsatairca2014/06/102014/07/13
Detailed Air Savings Analysis by Cost Centre - Domesticmsataircd2014/06/102014/07/13
Detailed Air Savings Analysis by Cost Centre - Internationalmsatairci2014/06/102014/07/13
Booking Status Reportmsatbook2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Car Rental Analysis - Domestic and Internationalmsatcara2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Car Rental Analysis - Domesticmsatcard2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Car Rental Analysis - Internationalmsatcari2014/04/252014/07/13
Carbon Credits Report - Domestic and Internationalmsatcarba2014/04/252014/07/13
Carbon Credits Report - Domesticmsatcarbd2014/04/252014/07/13
Carbon Credits Report - Internationalmsatcarbi2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Car Rental Analysis by Cost Centre - Domestic and Internationalmsatcarca2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Car Rental Analysis by Cost Centre - Domesticmsatcarcd2014/04/252014/07/13
Detailed Car Rental Analysis by Cost Centre - Internationalmsatcarci2014/04/252014/07/13
Other Reports
DocumentFile name(s)File Modified DateReleased
Creditor Trial Balance summarycrtrls2015/04/062015/06/08
Creditor Trial Balance reconciliationcrtrrec2015/06/052015/06/08
Invoiceinvprth, invprte, invprts2014/06/102014/07/01
Sales & Commission Reconciliationgladvsa2014/05/132014/07/01
NZ Departure Card (new form)departn2014/02/252014/03/14
GL Chart of AccountsGLCHART.rpt2012/11/222012/11/29
GST-exempt purchasesGSTPURCH.rpt2012/11/222012/11/29
GST ReturnGSTRETP*.rpt2012/10/192012/11/29
GST AuditGSTAUDP*.rpt2012/10/192012/11/29
Voucher PrintVCHRPRTH.rpt2012/09/132012/11/29
Non-BSP Supplier returnSUPPRET.rpt2012/09/132012/11/29
Sales Analysis (By Month)sarepm2011/05/242011/08/03
Cheque Listingcheque2011/02/152011/03/02
Client Remunerationclremun2011/02/232011/03/02
Sales Analysis (Last Year)sarepl, sarepdl2010/12/232011/03/02
GL Enquiry PrintGLENQPRT2011/03/292011/03/31
Most recent updates are listed first in each table.