Travelog Helpdesk

Travelog World Program Updates.

These updates are intended for licensed users of Travelog World for Windows 1.12 to 1.14. Please make sure you download and install the updates appropriate to the version of Travelog World which is installed at your site. The updates include only programs and reports which have been updated since the release was first issued. Therefore you cannot upgrade to the next version by simply installing the next set of updates. If you install the wrong set of updates, Travelog World may not work at all, or will give unpredictable results, or will corrupt your data.

To find out which version of Travelog World you have:

  • On the splash screen which is displayed when Travelog is first starting up, note the version number in the middle of the window
    Travelog startup splash screen
  • On the main Travelog window (the 'black screen') click Help, About Travelog World.
    Help | About
    If the program version number is:your Travelog version is:And updates are:
    1.15.0 or later1.15 - current release1.15 updates
    1.14.0 or later1.141.14 updates
    1.13.0 or later1.131.13 updates

Version 1.15 is the current release. New updates for version 1.14 will only be issued if they fix an important problem with that release. New updates are no longer being issued for version 1.13 or before.