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...Reversing Receipts

You are happily issuing receipts when you suddenly realise one of them is incorrect.

What follows applies to all 5 receipt types:

*** WARNING ***

All reversals must be dated within the current month and fiscal year

  1. Ascertain whether the batch has been listed and updated.

    The easiest way of telling is to go into receipt entry, click cancel (but don't close) if entering via a trip in Travel Services.
    Try using the browse arrows at the bottom left of the receipt screen for your particular receipt or
    type the receipt number directly into Receipt Number box upper right, and press the tab key.

    If it doesn't retrieve then this should confirm the batch is updated - go to step 3 below.

    Another possibility is that there is more than one batch open.
    There are several methods of getting to your batch but this is best left up
    to more experienced staff or phoning the helpdesk, so essentially is beyond the scope of this simple hints & tips page.

    *** WARNING ***

    All reversals must be dated within the current month and fiscal year

  2. It has NOT been listed and updated.

    Note: This will not work at all if the receipt has been list and updated - go to step 3 if it fails.

    The screen shot above you will see circled the Reverse button.
    Clicking this and then confirming the reversal will complete your task.

  3. It has been listed and updated.

    A little more complicated.
    1st, it is imperative that you take a screen shot of the erronous receipt.

    Directions are can be found at this link or the HINTS link - Snapshots

    Using this snapshot as your point of referrence you need to issue two (2) new reciepts.
    Receipt 1: Will be an opposite entry of this original receipt. For example if the original was for $100, this reversal entry will be for a (minus) $100. If the date is anything but the current month you'll need to use todays date. Everything else should be the same as the snapshot.
    Receipt 2: Issue the correct receipt - making sure the form of payment, date, trip number, bank account and values are as you require.

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