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...Data Drive (J:\) not found. Travelog World cannot start.

An oldy but a goody. You get something like this prompt below...

In 95% of cases it is not your hardware falling apart but usually quite a simple malfunction in your OPERATING SYSTEM.

Five main avenues open to take to fix this.

  1. I now it sounds silly, but make sure the machine that acts as the travelog server is turned on.

  2. Open Microsoft Windows Explorer (right click on the START button) or My Computer.
    Scroll down through the drives - they will be alphabetical - and locate your (J:\) drive - it'll be in brackets after the name of the drive.
    You should see the J: drive with what looks like a little red X on the icon. If you don't see this then go to step 3.
    Double click on the drive title - should open and you should see some yellow folders such as custom, install, mailing, etc. If this works, try starting Travelog. Otherwise go on to the next step.

  3. For the rest of you + those who encountered problems above. Open Windows Explorer or My Computer.
    The menus along the top of the screen, click on tools, then MAP NETWORK DRIVE

    In the Map Network Drive Window use the drop down arrow of the Drive box to locate the J: drive
    - if not there see step 4.
    The next box below will be titled FOLDER or PATH depending on your operating system.
    Use its drop down arrow and search for anything with words such as data, or twdata, or travelog, etc.
    Does call for the use of a little common sense.

  4. Before phoning the Travelog Helpdesk we can test to see if you have
    a legitimate hardware/operating system issue that will need the assistance of your I.T. support.
    Open up a blank word processor document - such as Word.
    Now print it. If it works then go to step 5.
    If it doesn't or brings up an error (any error), then with this error message on your screen, ring your technician, and read it to them.
    Don't bother explaining Travelog isn't working as they most likely wont have the foggiest.

  5. If these don't work then contact the help desk ASAP.

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