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...Database Repairs - How to.

In some cases an operator will recieve a message saying:

Warning!!! It seems as though the database you are using could have been corrupted. You should run a Database Repair Immediately to correct this problem. (Note Database Corruptions usually occur by rebooting a computer with Travelog World Still running. Please contact your support centre before rebooting your computers if you think you are stuck!

This message means that it is likely your Travelog data has become corrupt. If you see this message often, for example more than once a week, a repair may fix the immediate problem, but it is likely that you have other problems which will keep causing corruptions and you should try to find and fix those other problems first. Those problems are usually related to the reliability of your network (hub or switch, network adapters/NICs, cabling) or to your fileserver (hard disc, operating system service packs and hotfixes)

  • DO sign everyone out of Travelog World before you run a Database Repair.
  • DO take a backup of your Travelog data before you run the repair, in case the repair doesn't help or even makes the problem worse.
  • DO NOT run more than ONE database repair on your own initiative.
  • If the repair fails with errors other than "70: Permission Denied", or if it succeeds but you still get errors when you sign back in to Travelog, DO NOT run another repair, but contact the helpdesk straight away. Running several more repairs may only make the problem worse, and may also make it impossible for the helpdesk to help you recover your data.

To run a Database Repair:

  1. click Start, Programs (or All Programs), Travelog World for Windows, Travelog World Database Repair
  2. When you are prompted with "Repair Main Database?" click Yes. You will see the repair progress through three stages.
  3. When you are prompted with "Repair Costing Database?" click Yes. Again you will see the repair progress through three stages.
  4. When the repair is complete, Travelog will open. Close out of Travelog.
  5. You can now allow all users back in to Travelog and can go back in yourself.


If you try to run a repair but get an error message saying "70: Permission denied" this is probably because someone is still signed in to Travelog. Make sure everyone is signed out of Travelog, including yourself, before you run the repair. To find out who is still signed in to Travelog, on the Travelog 'black screen' click File, click Users Signed On.

This will display a list of the names of the computers which Travelog thinks are still signed on to Travelog. Because you have to be in Travelog to do this, you will always see your own computer in the list. If you see any other computers listed there, ask the users of those computers to sign out of Travelog and then try the repair once more. If all users are certain that they're signed out of Travelog, but you still get the Permission Denied error, you may need to force your fileserver to disconnect those users, or restart your fileserver, before you can run the repair.

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