Travelog Helpdesk

...Emailing screenshots of errors

You are in Travelog and/or Travel Services. Suddenly an unusual and annoying message appears on your screen. It could be quite a mouthfull so instead of reading it verbatim, you could send a screenshot to us.

At the upper right of most standard keyboards you should have a Print Screen (PrtScn) key.

Pressing this key while the error message is displayed on your monitor will copy an image of your whole screen and store it temporarily in the Windows Clipboard. You will not see anything happen when you press Print Screen.

Now open any word processor such as Word, New Office Document, or WordPad. WordPad comes with every version of MS Windows ever sold. It is usually found in START | PROGRAMS | ACCESSORIES | word pad.

Now up at the menus along the top of the window - most word processors are similar - click on EDIT | PASTE. This will paste the picture of your screen into the document. Then click on FILE | SEND TO -> MAIL RECIPIENT... in MS Word, or FILE | SEND... in WordPad, and address it to us (

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