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Travel Services is the Front Office module of Travelog World for Windows. The Client Details screen is where where all information relating to the passengers details is entered. Most of this information is completed after importing relevant client details from the live booking in your chosen reservation system All client data including address and telephone details flows logically to printed documentation. Once familiar with the functions you should be able to complete a simple bookings in less than 5 minutes.
Passenger Profiles of individual travellers can be stored and accessed by all users. The Profiles include details such as meal and seating preferences (OSI/SSR), Frequent Flyer numbers and Credit Card numbers. Some or all of these details can be selected from the Export To CRS screen to be uploaded to your Flight Sectors sitting in your newly created PNR. Once uploaded this can then import the details back into Travelog.

Once you have uploaded these details into your CRS, your PNR will end and retrieve itself and some details will appear as remarks including your new Travelog Booking number (accounting number), Profile Code and Credit Card number

After importing your details back into Travelog your flight sector details will automatically flow into Travel Services. Please note that at this stage the Export Function from Travel Services is NOT compatible with Sabre Net and Amadeus PRO Web. Amadeus PRO Web users will be pleased to note however that you are still able to create your PNR in PRO Web and import details directly from there including stored published fare details.

Travelog World for Windows will read all stored fares from your CRS and import them into the pricing windows of Travel Services. Hotel and Car sectors from your PNR will also Import into Travel Services.

Once this information has imported you are ready to add the additional details to your Trip Information such as quotes for Insurance, Hotels, Rental Cars, Cruises, Tours etc. This data then flows to standard documentation that can be selected from the below screen including options to Fax, Print, Preview, Edit (Word/Excel) or E-mail.
Once you have confirmed the details with your client and they have gone ahead with their new booking arrangements you can complete all accounting quickly and easily. For simple bookings that are paid in full, you can use the Quick Completion Window that will allow you to complete all financial details from the one screen. It will also allow you to produce all documentation from the one screen and even Invoice the booking details to your Corporate Account / Debtor.
Once you have completed your accounting you are able to view all the details through the Transaction Drilldown option.

Please note that this will also give you a complete view of your commission earned on the booking:
Standard Documentation

You'll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your system to view these documents

  1. Quote
  2. Confirmed Flight
  3. Statement of Account
  4. Itinerary
  5. Receipt
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